Dane & Company, Inc. provides strategic advice and services to owners of parking properties.  We assist in valuing and in creating value for parking assets by using effective ideas and resources from the marketplace.  Our understanding of the ideas, techniques and companies that provide these resources is comprehensive and fit for all market circumstances.  We make all of our ideas actionable.  Typical services that we provide to clients include:

  • Purchase and sale underwriting
  • Adjunct asset management
  • RFP solicitations and analysis
  • Operational audits
  • Strategic initiative development
  • Equipment and resource procurement
  • Functional design
  • Construction/rehabilitation strategies and supervision
  • Expert testimony

All of our approaches mix financial and operational components that are market-fit and produce solid returns.

Peter Dane, our President, is a Harvard-trained anthropologist and entrepreneur whose last position was Executive Vice President and minority shareholder at Allright Corporation, a $650 million valuation/12,000 employee company, that owned and leased facilities in over fifty-five US and Canadian cities.  He understands how to craft solutions that are implementable by owners and operators.

Dane & Company, Inc. has worked on projects as short as a day and as long as fifteen years.  We have worked continuously for many of the major owners of properties in the US and our client list includes:  developers, transit agencies, museums, universities, hospitals and real estate trusts/funds.  Please see our Projects Page for illustration of the range of work that has been done and for additional color on our skills.  We are devout generalists both because our aim is to constantly provide the widest skill-set and because parking solutions often require multiple inputs.